Teletrans Chile

Teletrans was founded in 2004, our company offers private ground transportation services in Santiago City, and also in different parts of Chile.

Presently, Teletrans is the most known company which offers services to executives in Santiago and also in various cities of the country, for national and international companies.

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When you have visitors in Chile, we can be the contact between them and your company, we can provided driver-guides who will accompanied them during the visit, meetings and transfers. We included your logo and your company needs in the transport.

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Teletrans is available for your transport from and to the airport with exclusives services for your executive personnel. We have people that will take care confirming the arrival times and planning depending on your company needs.

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We transport, organized and coordinated corporate events with full logistics that includes modern transport, hostess in the airport to coordinated the arrivals and in the locations to coordinated every single part of the event.

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Transporte Ejecutivo

Navigate the country easily with high quality private transportation in Chile

Many travelers require transportation in Chile in order to arrive at their business and tourist destinations. There are many popular destinations in Chile, from Santiago city to Valparaiso port . Torres del Paine and San Pedro de Atacama are also other popular destinations.

Teletrans recognizes the need for travelers to get multiple destinations on time and with maximum comfort during the journey. The travelers will be able to visit their places of interest as soon as possible, they need an efficient transportation service that helps them coordinate their schedules. Teletrans combines high quality service with efficiency and technology in order to make this happen.

Be ready to go as soon as you land.

Teletrans is ready to coordinate your journey as soon as you arrive at the airport. Therefore, even before you land, Teletrans monitors your flight online and prepares for your arrival. We will have your vehicle ready at various airports, and a professional bilingual driver ready to direct you to your car.

To make the process even more efficient, we provide vehicle and driver data in advance so you can easily locate your vehicle.

Dedication to Quality

Since 2004, Teletrans has been dedicated to providing high-quality transportation in Chile. Travelers for both business and pleasure can be sure that Teletrans will not compromise on its commitment to quality. Across the country, we offer seat insurance for passengers, professional and well-trained drivers, and convenient payment options.

Our 24-hour service also means that we are only calling you anytime you need us.

Executive travelers are also covered

Traveling to different parts of Chile for business? Teletrans is the top option for catering to your business travel needs. We possess extensive knowledge of many financial districts within the country, and we can help you design your schedule to get more meetings in a shorter amount of time. For both tourist and executive travelers, we can help you navigate to many different destinations during your stay. You will be able to maximize your trip to Chile by working closely with us. For all your transportation needs, Teletrans offers the best options for transportation in Chile.